Running in "Italian Style" in Hong Kong


Founded by a group of Italian runners in Hong Kong, we are the club of reference in Hong Kong for "hard core"who LOVE running and are keen to improve their performances with the help and friendship of a great group of running addicts.

With the typical italian passion to dominate the club, it is actually open to runners from any nationality and today we have members from several origin (Australians, Americans, Britons, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italians and so on...)

Founded in 2010, in only few years we became one of the most successful clubs in Hong Kong, with plenty of wins and great results from all our members, many of them also have been selected to represent Hong Kong in international competitions.

We are a boutique club of around 40 members and we are very happy to keep it small, so that we can all know each other well and become great friends.

After joining the club the good "Italia Runner" will follow a path of enlightenment to the real "Italian Running Lifestyle":

- Italian food without moderation

- Sharply dressed at any event

- Always smile at success and cry "Mamma Mia" in case of defeat

- Follow the training methods of the great Italian coaches: Gigliotti, Canova, Rosa

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Italia Running Club is official HKAAA Associate Member Club